When you have a large group to thank, this is a big 4 pounds of our delicious, hand made, specialty chocolates that will do the trick!!  We choose a huge assortment of our chocolates for a group, maybe your local ER room, local Ambulance or Fire House - 

As with all SWEET RELIEF COVID-19 CHOCOLATES, the shipping is on us.

Products shown are not necessarily products shipped - we will include a nice selection of whatever chocolates we have freshly made in the case at the time of your order, it will be wonderful!!


  • We will ship your chocolate to whoever you list.  If you only know the name but no other info, we will find it for you.  

    You can list "Danbury Hospital, ER", or "Danbury Hospital, COVID CARE",

    or "Kent Volunteer Fire Dept",


    Your Doctor, your local hospital, your local Ambulance service, your local grocery store, pharmacy or whatever.  You give us a name or a place and we'll find out how to get it there!!!

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